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What is BlueKart POS?

BlueKart isn’t your average point of sale system. It’s an all-in-one, cloud-based management system designed to help you build, maintain and grow your business while continuously providing unforgettable customer experiences. Our POS system offers all the tools you need to run a successful operation, whether you own a single location or many

Multiple Stores

Managing sales data is quite easy, whether you own one or multiple locations. All data is automatically posted and synced, regardless of how many stores you operate. You can check inventory and stock of all stores and place the order at any store of your choice.

Product Catalog

As the seasons change, so can your products. Updating it any time, from anywhere is quick and easy – even with multiple locations. Our blueKart POS system is cloud-based, allowing you to access your dashboard from a tablet while on-the-go.

Inventory Management

Managing stock shouldn’t be complicated. With blueKart POS, it’s easy to know exactly what you have in stock at all times, transfer inventory and place orders with your vendors.

Order Mobility / Go the extra mile for your customers

With a tablet in hand, there’s no need to restrict your customers when it comes to taking their orders. Whether at the counter, or anywhere in the store, you can accommodate your clientele wherever they happen to be. Whether a customer would like to place an order or settle their bill, all it takes is a tablet and your staff can offer on-the-spot service.

Improve communication amongst front end store and warehouse

No matter how impressive your products are, if your staff don’t operate as a cohesive unit, you’re bound to run into trouble. A tablet POS eliminates the risk of communication breakdowns between your front end store and warehouse. By automatically sending orders from the store to the warehouse, your BlueKart POS system can dramatically reduce the occurrence of errors.

Increase Turnover and Profit

Nobody enjoys having to wait. With a blueKart POS in hand, the store employee’s can provide a smoother ordering experience to any customer who comes to your store. All it takes is a click of a button for the customer’s order to be placed and processed.

Personalize the experience you offer

Easily modify orders, offer choice when it comes to payment and how customers receive their bill. Your clientele should be served the way they prefer and an tablet BlueKart POS system can help you tailor the service you offer to them.

Improve customer service

From quick PIN login to quick product search, blueKart POS gives your sales staff the tools they need to serve your customers efficiently at each step in the sales cycle.

User permissions

Control what your staff can and can’t do

Take charge of your business. Create individual user accounts and set restrictions based on staff roles and responsibilities, ensuring that the right people have access to the appropriate features and information.

Your POS never disconnects

BlueKart POS has a special server feature, which means that if your internet connection goes down, your business doesn’t suffer. Your POS system goes into “offline mode”, syncs the updates made in offline mode to the system as soon as your connection is reestablished.

Save time and paper

Emailing the bill to your customers is quick, convenient, cost-effective and great for the environment. All payment types and applicable taxes connect to your accounting software, giving you an accurate picture of your performance. Your sales data will automatically sync from your POS into your accounting software.

Sell in-store and online

BlueKart POS is integrated with BlueKart’s powerful eCommerce solution. Start selling your products online and reach customers worldwide.

Get a complete view of your day
Plan for peak periods
Insight into how your customers are paying

Synchronized reporting

Access real-time reports on any device

Generate consistent reports based on real-time data, whether you’re at your store, on your laptop at home or out and about. BlueKart’s POS is cloud-based, pulling reliable and consistent reports regardless of the device you use.

End-of-day reports

Get a complete view of your day

Whether you want the big picture or prefer to hone in on data at a granular level, the reporting engine provides the type of breakdown you need instantaneously.

Plan for peak periods

Knowing your profitability per day allows you to adjust your operations appropriately.

Gain insight into how your customers are paying

Provide the right payment options for your customers. Access information on the payment types that work best for your business and your customers.

Reporting across all stores

Straightforward dashboards give you the knowledge to grow your business

Learn how each of your locations is performing, organizing them by sales, average sales amount and number of customers. Performance trends can be tracked month over month or year over year, giving you the tools you need to monitor your success and plan ahead.

Track your success

With detailed reporting, retailers can make well-informed business decisions. Generate real-time, customized reports to give you the information you really need.


Take your brick-and-mortar business online by connecting to BlueKart Ecommerce.

Sales events

Create product promotions for a set period of time so you can plan for sales in advance.

integrated Payments

You can take credit and debit payments. We accept VISA and MasterCard.

Discounts and pricing levels

Set up to ‘X’ prices per product so you can assign automated discounts to a specific group of customers.

multi-store capacity

Get real-time access to inventory and sales data from any location.

Store Master

Get a clear, customizable overview of your sales, products and more.

Live Rules

Set prices or attributes for entire categories of products in seconds.

Customize import tool

Speed up data imports by adding thousands of customers or products in one go.

User Previleges

Decide which employees have access to the various aspects of your business.

International Reach

Reach a worldwide audience with tax inclusive pricing, currency formatting and price rounding.

4-digit Pin Code access

Connect quickly to your POS to speed up employee